About Dr. Joi Sutton

I’m the happiest veterinarian I know. I thoroughly enjoy going to work. I believe I enjoy our profession so much because I have been involved in many aspects of medicine. I’ve been an ER/critical care vet, a house call vet, a relief vet, and an international volunteer. I am generally a happy person. Someone once told me that I “won the serotonin lottery”. Starting Tequesta Vet Clinic is the pinnacle of my achievements.

My goal as a veterinarian has always been to be the vet I’d want my mother to encounter with one of her pets. I strive to provide superior customer service.

I think my experiences out of the country have been some of the most rewarding as most of those animals would have never received medical care had I not started my nonprofit. I’m a little amazed that over the years 50 to 60 veterinarians and vet techs have followed me to foreign lands, but we’ve had a good time and spayed and neutered a lot of animals.

I like trying new things. I regularly take yoga, “pump” and pilates classes. I swim almost daily during the warmer weather. I love sunshine and tropical beaches. In late 2010 I moved from Oregon to the sunshine state. I enjoy most water activities. I enjoy walking on the beach. I usually have a garden in the ground. Involving myself in activities outside of medicine brings balance to my life. Twinkle (my kitty) and I have an old Florida home in Tequesta, the village I affectionately call Mayberry.

My mother still lives in Oregon where I grew up. In 2019 I tried to visit her every month as she is now 86 years old and suffers from Alzheimer’s disease. My mother does much better when I’m with her. 2019 was a bit of a crazy period in my life, splitting time between Tequesta and Oregon. Thank heavens for the direct flight from Orlando to Portland! Twinkle Toes travels back and forth with me. Prior to the pandemic, I tried to spend at least 10 days per month with mom, but I am largely here during the season. I’m thankful to have such amazing staff to hold down the fort when I’m with my mother. This is the most amazing team I’ve had at my clinic and it has allowed me to be there for my mom as much as possible. I look forward to the end of the pandemic so that I may visit my mother again.

During the pandemic, a Good Samaritan brought in a senior stray kitty to our clinic. She was skinny, largely naked and anemic from her flea infestation, had rotten teeth, and to top it off was hyperthyroid. Who could resist, right? My friends at Veterinary Specialty Hospital (our preferred local ER) and I together cured her of hyperthyroidism with radioactive iodine therapy. While she was in my home during her convalescent period she won my heart. Twinkle (the ambassador of cats) has mostly welcomed her into the home but sometimes gets her nose out of joint that the stray (named Peekaboo by the Good Samaritan who brought her to TVC) is getting extra food and is too shy to snuggle with Twinkle. So it appears that the Sutton home has increased by one small black skinny cat during Covid19.

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