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Price List

Our price list is below these comments.  What follows is Dr Sutton’s pricing philosophy that has developed over 25 years.  Our goal is to provide exceptional medicine at an reasonable price.

Practicing medicine is more fun and far more satisfying when clients can afford the medications and procedures we recommend for their pets! We have an amazing staff of high quality employees and the latest veterinary high tech equipment, but we are more economical than many of the vet clinics in the area.  Dr Sutton knows—She did relief work in many of the local clinics. We believe our prices are extremely reasonable considering the high level of care we provide.  Remember, Dr Sutton is a former ER/critical care vet and some of her “Type A” personality traits persist.  There are several nonprofit organizations in town that receive millions of dollars in donations each year.  We are not one of those clinics but we do strive to be affordable.  Our greatest goal is to be THE BEST MEDICINE!

XRAYS   We have a fancy Blue Ridge digital xray unit.  Despite the cost of this state of the art xray machine, Dr Sutton is keeping the cost of xrays low between $140 and $175 depending on the number of views.  She doesn’t want the cost of xrays to deter clients from accepting this procedure when needed. IF a pet is anesthetized we may drop the cost of xrays as it saves time and radiation exposure to our precious staff.  What good is a glorious machine if it sits unused in the corner?

We try to keep charging for hospitalization simple and reasonable. For ill pets requiring hospitalization, we do not nickel and dime and count every injection given.  Hospitalization on IV fluids with injections at Tequesta VetClinic typically runs $350 per day.  For pets not requiring iv fluids the daily hospitalization (medication/evaluation/nursing care) is $150 per day.  If it is 3 injections or 8 injections (such as anti-nausea meds, antibiotics, narcotics, stomach protectants, etc)  life is too short to try to keep clients abreast of their mounting daily bill.  We don’t charge for each additional bag of fluids each day.   If a pet chews out the IV catheter we won’t charge you for another.  We will simply replace it and proceed with our day.  A few injectable meds are so expensive that they don’t count in this price.  If a pet is particularly ill she will encourage clients to take the pet to one of the fine local 24 hour critical care facilities.  If they are unable or unwilling, if she keeps a pet overnight and goes back to the hospital to check on the pet during the night, there may be an overnight fee.  She chose a clinic location a mile from her home so that she could do this when needed.  Blood work, X-rays, and procedures will be discussed with the client before performed as they must be charged for separately from hospitalization.

All pain medications are reasonably priced.  All procedures and hospitalized patients on IV fluids will receive as many narcotic or other analgesic injections as needed without affecting the price of a procedure package or the hospital stay.

Anesthesia:   Some hospitals ask clients to choose if labwork or IV catheters or pain meds or anesthetic monitoring machines (ECG, pulse oximetry, end tidal carbon dioxide monitoring, blood pressure monitoring) are authorized for medical procedures.  They choose these options when they sign the medical release form.  This has always baffled Dr Sutton that some doctors let owners choose if a pet receives pain meds or anesthetic monitoring.  At Tequesta Vet Clinic, IT IS A GIVEN that an IV catheter will be in place if pet is anesthetized.  At Tequesta Vet Clinic IT IS A GIVEN that any pet who is anesthetized will receive liberal use of analgesics/pain meds, and these meds will be included in the cost of the procedure. (Dr Sutton is a big proponent of of pain meds, nerve blocks whenever they can be incorporated, anti-inflammatories and multimodal pain control.)   IT IS A GIVEN  that we will monitor a pet closely while under anesthesia with our monitors.  The cost of anesthesia and procedural packages reflect these “safety nets”  

ALL PATIENTS UNDERGOING ANESTHESIA RECEIVE AN INJECTION OF CERENIA.  THIS MEDICATION DECREASES PERIOPERATIVE NAUSEA THAT CAN OCCUR FROM ANESTHESIA AND PAIN MEDS.  WE CHARGE $20 PER PATIENT ANESTHETIZED WHICH IN GENERAL COVERS THE COST OF THIS EXPENSIVE MEDICATION.  When we use it for sick pets it is charged at a higher price based on the patient's weight.  Since Dr Sutton began giving cerenia prophylactically to ALL anesthetized patients we've seen the incidence of tummy upset drop dramatically.  Cerenia also has some analgesic qualities.  

Owners of older pets will be required to perform bloodwork before anesthesia, but owners may opt to decline bloodwork for young healthy pets. For this reason, bloodwork is NOT included in the package price.  A mini profile costs less than an extensive senior profile.


The doctors at Tequesta Vet Clinic are not radiologists nor internists, but we have been practicing our ultrasound skills in pets and can often make a diagnosis with our skill level. We also  refer pets to an internist or radiologist for full blown ultrasounds by a specialist. We are still relatively novice. Typically sending a pet for an ultrasound by a specialist runs about $500. Sometimes we can catch disease processes in house with our ultrasound skills, but if something is subtle we are likely to miss it.  Owners are often asked to be present to calm the pet when we take a peek inside the pet with the ultrasound.  We have a state of the art ultrasound unit that provides wonderful images, but we are not specialists.  We are learning the art of ultrasound.  We typically refer to the Veterinary Specialty Hospital when we want an ultrasound by a specialist.  

​Dentals:  We perform a lot of dentals at Tequesta Vet Clinic and pride ourselves on our dental care.  

All dental packages receive an iv catheter, iv fluids, anesthesia, anesthetic monitoring, nerve blocks, cleaning and polishing of the teeth, injections of narcotics, injections of anti-inflammatories, the bair hugger and full mouth dental xrays as part of the dental package. We monitor blood pressure, end tidal carbon dioxide output, ECG, pulse oximetry, temperature, heart rate and respiratory rate throughout the procedure. The typical dental includes up to 15 min of surgical extraction time. The routine dental with minor extractions costs the client $395.

If there are no extractions we reward clients by reducing the price by $100 to $295. We encourage early intervention!

If the dental requires more than 15 minutes of extraction time, we increase the price by $100 to $495 to account for the added anesthesia and staff time and surgical materials.

We try not to keep pets under anesthesia longer than an hour. If a pet is doing well under anesthesia we may extend the dental time to 90 minutes. IF there is more pathology than we can do under one anesthetic procedure, we may do a “phase 2 dental at a discounted price. If the same pet has a dental within 4 months of the original dental, we will discount the “phase 2 dental” by $150, using the same parameters as above ($295, $395 or $495).

The dental packages do NOT include blood work prior to the procedure nor antibiotic injections nor medications that go home after the dental.

We ask clients the morning of the dental if they are willing to brush a pet's teeth. If there are “borderline” teeth, this helps us decide what to do for this particular pet.

We prefer blood work to have been run within a few months of the anesthetic procedure.

We are unable to take dental xrays without general anesthesia as the sensor that goes in the mouth for our digital xray unit costs about 5 thousand dollars and if a pet chomps on it, we must replace it. Our nursing staff is amazing at taking dental xrays! It typically takes them only 5 to 10 minutes at the onset of anesthesia.

Sometimes if we have a pet come in for a different procedure we may do an “add-on” dental for $135. Due to time constraints these are typically simply cleaning the teeth without dental xrays.

Similarly, any medication prescriptions that go home with pets are not included in the procedural packages.  A five pound chihuahua needs far less milligrams of whatever medication than a 100 pound dane.

Pharmacy items will be fairly priced!  Nothing irritates Dr Sutton like waiting on hold with the employees on 1-800-Pet-Meds!   This is especially irritating when our products are usually less costly than the price of online pharmacies as we don’t have to pay for shipping.  If there is a product that Tequesta Vet Clinic doesn’t carry, please be considerate and use the Home Delivery tab on THIS website. Furthermore, Tequesta Vet Clinic strives to make Long-term arthritis medications as affordable as possible.  We don’t want older pets to live in pain because clients can’t afford medications.  We carry the generics of Rimadyl and Metacam and charge minimally for adjunctive pain meds such as tramadol and gabapentin.

As any clinic or pharmacy, we have to mark up medications and supplies to pay for staff time, taxes, even the meds that don’t get used because they expire on the shelf.  We nonetheless try to keep meds extremely affordable, especially heartworm meds, flea meds and arthritis/pain meds.  We verify that our heartworm and flea prices are cheaper than those on Pet Meds because we won’t pay our staff to fax authorization forms to Pet Meds or other online pharmacies.

Please note that in light of our very reasonable fees we ask for payment at the time of services.  We do not do billing.  In the clinic we accept checks, cash, Visa, Mastercard and debit cards.   Of course, since the banks charge for debit and credit cards, we would prefer you to bring your checkbook to the clinic.  You can help keep the cost of veterinary care down by leaving the plastic at home.  PLEASE, LEAVE THE PLASTIC AT HOME.

Years ago when Dr Sutton was an ER vet various board-certified surgeons would come in to cut some of the more complicated surgeries at the hospital where she worked.  One of these surgeons (who was every bit as good and probably better than the rest of the surgeons)  repeatedly charged less than the other surgeons.  Dr Sutton mentioned this to him one night.  His response was that he loved his career and that he was “out to make a living, not a killing”.   All these years later, Dr Sutton finds herself in a similar position.  She loves her career.  She loves helping animals.  She knows that if she charges reasonable prices (while providing high quality care), she will help more animals.  If people can afford diagnostics and treatments, she will be challenged medically and have better job satisfaction.  After 25 years in practice her student loans are long paid off.  She lives a simple lifestyle in a simple old florida home.  She needs to make a living, not a killing.  She would rather be challenged in her career than live a fancy lifestyle.  By doing much of the building construction of the clinic herself, she managed to keep the building and loan overhead down to a minimum.

Dr Sutton’s greatest business expense is her high quality staff, and they are worth every penny.  They are hand-picked individuals who she trusts to not only work with your pets but her own pets.


Exam fee: $55
Recheck/Progress: $40

Brief exam: $35

Surgical recheck or ear recheck: free

Extended examination fee (ie first diabetic, multiple issues for new client exam, etc): $75

Health certificate for travel within the USA (in addition to exam fee) $40 (plus the exam fee)
Health certificate for international travel:  $100 (in addition to the exam fee)—there is a lot of time and paperwork involved!

Please know that we only use non-adjuvented vaccines for cats.  There is a new 3 yr non-adjuvented rabies vaccine available for cats! We utilize 3 year vaccination schedules whenever possible and vaccinate based on the lifestyle of the pet.  Please read the vaccine tab on this website.  We also have a summary in the lobby of the clinic.  We want our clients to be involved in vaccination choices for their pets.  We adhere to current vaccination recommendations by AAHA and AAFP.  For many vaccines, the duration of immunity in adult pets is up to 3 years.  Each year you will receive an email reminder for your annual exam and “evaluation of vaccination status”.  Each year we assess a pet’s lifestyle and risk for disease.  Clients will be involved in choosing appropriate vaccines.  For older pets we are happy to perform vaccination titers for owners.

Rabies $35–canine, 1 yr or 3 yr
Rabies $35–feline, 1 yr or rabies 3 yr $50 (non-adjuvented Merial Purevax vaccine)
canine DHLPP (includes 4 way Lepto)  $45
canine DHPP $30
canine Lepto 4 way  $25
canine BORDETELLA (intranasal or oral) $30
feline FVRCP $30
feline FELV $35  (This vaccine is the Merial Purevax leukemia vaccine.)
canine influenza vaccine  $35

Other common procedures

Nail trim $0-25 (depending on difficulty)
Anal sac expression $25
Ear clean 10-$20 (depending on severity)
Therapeutic groom 0- $60 (depending on severity)
Fluoroscein stain eye and slit lamp fee $20
Schirmer tear test $15

2 to 4 views:  $140, five to 7 views: $155, 8 or more views $175

Common Laboratory: (Lab profiles further down price list)

Bloodwork—see Antech profile info below
UA $45 (most urinalyses are done in house as fresh samples have less artifactual issues)  If we do a follow up in house UA post infection or issue the follow up UA fee is $20

Fecal $30
Ear cytology $20.  If we do follow up ear cytology  after initial treatment, it is $15
Blood glucose $10, initial.  $5-10 additional  (Clients with diabetic pets may be able to run their own blood glucose curves with Dr Sutton’s “loaner” AlphaTrak glucometer at a much lower cost.)
Fine needle biopsy sample collection $15 (cytopath charged separately)
Skin scraping $20-30
Cytology (read by veterinary pathologist)  $130
In house cytology (swab or tape prep) $20-35
Fungal culture in house $40

Blood pressure (systolic pressure checked with Parks ultrasonic doppler unit):   $20 for awake pet.  Note, all pets under anesthesia have their blood pressure monitored at no charge.


$15-25 for most medications.  We charge more for particularly expensive meds such as convenia or cerenia or Cytopoint.



Injection costs of narcotics vary. If part of a procedure we usually don't charge for it. If it is an outpatient, we will likely charge for hydromorphone or buprenorphine. We now also carry Simbadol, the only FDA approved narcotic for cats (available since January of 2015). It is buprenorphine that lasts 24 hours! We also carry several sizes of fentanyl patches and those costs vary based on pet size. We occasionally will utilize fentanyl CRIs (constant rate infusions) which require IV fluids and a whole lotta math and monitoring. Whatever the situation, know that we are aggressive about pain control and charge very fairly.

Spays and neuters:

Spay and neuter package prices are based on the pet’s weight.  (Larger pets require larger amounts of anesthetics, suture, and disposables than small pet.)   Spay and neuter packages include IV catheters and intra-operative IV fluids, anesthesia, anesthetic monitoring, local anesthetics whenever feasible, as many injections of analgesics as warranted and a 72 hour injection of narcotic (sustained release buprenorphine).   Prescriptions that may go home afterwards are not included in the package price.  She often sends dogs home with anti-inflammatory and narcotic meds for a couple days post-operatively. Cats typically get onsior and buprenorphine.  Blood work on young pets is optional (but encouraged) and not included in these package pricing.  An in house chemistry profile (VetScan) is $85 if chosen.  Middle-aged and older pets will be strongly advised to have blood work prior to anesthesia.   Examinations are required for our patients prior to surgical procedures.  Pets will of course be examined the day of the procedure, but Tequesta Vet Clinic requires an exam prior to surgery day to evaluate if there are issues prior to placing a pet under anesthesia, to ensure all vaccines are current prior to hospitalization for the surgery, etc.  Rarely will Dr Sutton allow the initial surgery to be the day of the spay or neuter.  This is for the pet’s benefit.

Dog Spays:  < 25 lb:  $315, 25-50 lb: $350, 51-75 lb:  $385, 76-90 lb:  $445, >90 lb $500
Dog Neuters:    < 25 lb:  $285, 25-50 lb:  $315,  51-75 lb:  $330,  76-90 lb:  $350, >90 lb $400
Cat spay:  $270
Cat neuter:  $170

AGAIN, ALL PROCEDURES INCLUDE IV CATHETER AND FLUIDS, ANESTHESIA, ANESTHETIC MONITORING, AND AS MANY INJECTIONS OF PAIN MEDS AS NEEDED.  We tryout best to make charging simple with no hidden fees.  Blood work and go home meds are no included in the package pricing.

Other surgical procedures:

Surgical procedures such as lacerations and mass removals require an examination so that Dr Sutton can evaluate the situation before the pet presents for surgery.  Dr Sutton will provide an estimate when you bring your pet for evaluation.


We strive to offer economical bloodwork and laboratory prices to encourage clients to test their pets! The Antech wellness profiles are particularly cost effective.  We get Antech results within 12 to 24 hours.  Profiles are provided by Antech Diagnostic Lab except for the tests run in house.  When we need bloodwork answers right away we can run the labwork in-house.  Dr Sutton Particularly likes the "junior wellness" and "senior wellness" profiles as they are like getting the annual heartworm test for free!

I​n house labs:

$85. Vetscan in house blood chemistry (chemistry/electrolytes/hematocrit)
$30  fecal floatation by centrifugation (Centrifugation increases the yield of eggs found—It takes longer and makes it stinkier but is worth the effort.)
$45  urinalysis (whether sent to lab or done by Dr Sutton), $20 for follow up ua
$50  felv/fiv test
$50 heartworm test (heartworm, ehrlichia, anaplasma, lyme)

Lab profiles to outside labs are usually better priced than in house labwork.  Most of our dog and cat blood profiles are between $60 and $140, with an occasional profile up to $150.  For example, a cbc/chemistry/heartworm/anaplasma/ehrlichia/lyme profile is $90.  A cbc/chem is $60.  A superchem/cbc is $100.  Senior profiles are usually $130-140.

Dr Sutton does not believe in de-clawing cats.  She understands that many veterinarians perform de-claws, but urges clients to read about them on the AAFP website.  Many clients don’t understand that it is actually the last bone of the fingers removed, not only the claw.  If clients choose to have their cat de-clawed, she urges them to find a vet who uses multi-modal analgesia including nerve blocks, narcotics, an anti-inflammatory and USES SURGICAL LASER for this procedure.  Dr Sutton has met several cats over the years whose owners tell her their cats were never quite the same once they were de-clawed.  We can teach clients tips to successfully trimming their cat’s nails.

EUTHANASIA:  This includes a sedative given under the skin prior to euthanasia.  By taking our time and spreading out the injections (usually 5 to 10 minutes for the Telazol to take effect), euthanasias are much less stressful for clients and pets.  The pet is quite groggy for the second injection which goes IV.  

The euthanasia fee is as follows:

Pets up to 30 pounds:  $120
Pets 31 to 65 pounds:  $130
Pets greater than 65 pounds:  $145

Cremation service prices:

COMMUNAL CREMATION and transport of pet after euthanasia  (ashes not returned):

<30 lb $90

31-65 lb $100

65-80 lb  $130,  if over 81 $145

PRIVATE CREMATION of pet after euthanasia (ashes to be picked up by owner at Tequesta Vet Clinic):

<30 lb $170
31-65 lb $190
65-80 lb  $220
pets greater than 81 lb  $240

We provide one courtesy clay pawprint for pets whom we organize cremation. (If a family wants a 2nd pawprint when we organize cremation it is an additional $30.)

Now that we have 2 full time veterinarians, Dr Sutton is willing to do "home euthanasia" for our current clients when the schedule allows.  This is for our current clients who live within 5 miles of the clinic.  There is an additional $100 fee.