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(Poison Control info is at the bottom of this page.)

If you feel your pet is having an emergency and our clinic is closed, there are very good emergency veterinary hospitals in our area. Do not waste valuable time. The following is a list of preferred emergency hospitals in our area: 

Veterinary Emergency, Surgery and Specialty Hospital of Palm Beach Gardens
4019 Hood Road
Palm Beach Gardens, Florida 33410
(561) 625-9995
THIS HOSPITAL HAS SPECIALISTS AND ER VETERINARIANS. There are 2 internists (Dr Bueschler and Dr Cameron), 2 wonderful surgeons (Dr Vianna and Dr Flynn), a neurologist (Dr Peters) and a critical care specialist (Dr Lippo) in addition to their ER docs.  They have recently added a much needed dermatologist, Dr Ursula.   We welcome the dermatologist to the area!!!   VSH opened in 2011.   Dr Sutton has been very impressed with this hospital, particularly the internist who owns the hospital.  It is her preferred emergency hospital for the pets of Jupiter and Tequesta. Perhaps the biggest reason Dr Sutton chooses this as her preferred ER clinic is that they have Dr Lippo, a board-certified critical care specialist.  It is located on Hood Road between Military Trail and 1A/811.  It is south of Donald Ross and east of Military Trail.  It on the corner of 1A/811 and Hood Road.
A map can be viewed at this link:  http://vshpalmbeachcom.vetmatrixbase.com/custom_content/c_154180_directions.html?vshpalmbeach_com=bhoh2lpr3cegbrlp807d5b0195

Jupiter Pet Emergency and Specialty Center located at 505 Commerce Way in Jupiter 33458

​(561)741-4041   (They used to be located on Central Blvd but purchased the building where Dr Kay's Animal Hospital was in 2017.  This is behind the Home Depot on Commerce Way at 505 Commerce Way in Jupiter, FL 33458)

This specialty hospital has Dr Carmen Colitz, one of the best veterinary opthalmologists in the country.  She is a former president of all the vet opthalmologists in the country.  Dr Federico Lattimer and Christine Evans are their board certified veterinary surgeons.  They is spectacular.  They also have Dr Dewey Carpenter for veterinary cardiology one day per week.  Dr Sutton adores these specialists.   They have recently started their own ER service for nights and weekends.

Jupiter Emergency Clinic is NOW CLOSED.  No longer an emergency vet clinic!

This used to be at 300 S Central Blvd Ste A, Jupiter, FL 33458  

Pet Emergency and Referral Center
3816 Northlake Blvd
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33403
(561) 691-9999
THIS HOSPITAL HAS SPECIALISTS AND ER VETERINARIANS.  This hospital has been around for many years and has a very good reputation. They have a board certified surgeon and internist in charge.  It is a great hospital but is a bit of a drive for Tequesta clients.   A map and directions can be viewed by following this link:    http://westpalmbeach.citysearch.com/profile/map/2594474/palm_beach_gardens_fl/pet_emergency_referral_svc.html

Good ER clinics that aren’t quite so close to Tequesta….

Pet Emergency and Critical Care
2239 S Kanner Hwy
Stuart, Florida
(772) 781-3302
THIS HOSPITAL HAS SPECIALISTS AND ER VETERINARIANS.   It is a bit of a drive from the Jupiter/Tequesta area but offers just about everything.  It has an extremely good reputation.

Palm Beach Veterinary Specialists and Emergency
3092 Forest Hill Boulevard
West Palm Beach, FL 33406
(561) 434-5700
THIS HOSPITAL HAS SPECIALISTS AND ER VETERINARIANS.   It is a moderate drive from the Jupiter/Tequesta area but offers just about everything.  It has a great reputation.

Pet PB Animal Emergency and Referral Center
2246 N Congress Avenue
Boynton Beach, Florida 33426
(561) 752-3232
THIS HOSPITAL HAS SPECIALISTS AND ER VETERINARIANS.   It is down in Boynton Beach but offers just about everything.  It has a great reputation.

ASPCA Poison Control Center
1-888-426-4435   Available 24 hours
There is a one-time $65 consultation fee to speak with a veterinary toxicologist.



~~As my practice grows I regret that during season I sometimes don't get to spend as much time with my clients as I like.  I don't like to rush when chatting about a pet's health, and I love the social aspect of interacting with my clients once the exam is over.  Many of my clients are also my dear friends.  The seasonal component of south Florida is tricky for small business!  I need to keep my nurses employed during the slower months.  How can I nudge my year-round clients to have their annual wellness care during the statistically slowest months in south Florida vet clinics?
I will discount dental packages 10% for the months June through September.  That's a savings of $29 to $49! This offers financial incentive to locals to schedule wellness care during the summertime.  I hope to keep our business flow steady for the sake of my amazing nursing staff.  (They need to feed their kids year round!)  And, it will give me more time to spend with each patient.

Joi Sutton, DVM


~~I want all of my patients to have a microchip, and I’m willing to do it for free. Yep, I pay for the chip and my staff registers it at no cost to our clients.  If a pet is lost, a chip provides the best chance for reuniting the pet with the family.  A client recently told me that one of my free microchips saved his cat.  His indoor cat snuck outside and was gone for 6 weeks.  He was reunited with the family because of the free microchip I implanted.
As my current patients come in for exams or annual check-ups I will scan and implant a chip if needed -- with owner’s consent of course.  Folks do get to pay the regular $55 exam fee (which is pretty much the cost of a chip) and I will examine the pet from nose to toes.
This is a gift to my current and new clients.  The other clinic in Tequesta charges $68 for a microchip.  Our patients get a microchip for free.  If someone goes to another clinic and just wants to come for a chip and continue going to that vet, they can ask their own vet if they will give them a free chip. This is a gift to Tequesta Vet Clinic patients only.  I’d love for all the area clinics to chip patients for free.  Who knows…  I’m hoping I will start a trend, making this a common veterinary practice at other clinics.  Spread the word!

Joi Sutton, DVM

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Tequesta Veterinary Clinic
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