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Client Education

Dr Sutton appreciates when her clients wish to be involved and research their pet’s conditions and situations. She encourages her clients to use utilize Veterinary Partner, a quality website written by veterinarians. This website has many wonderful articles on a broad range of subjects from arthritis to diabetes to behavior and more. This is a valuable resource for clients who love their pets!

For cat lovers, the American Association of Feline Practitioners also has a great website discussing feline diseases. Click on  the “Medical Conditions” tab.

If you have a dog, you can bet Dr Sutton is going to ask you what HEARTWORM preventative you are using. South Florida is heartworm country.  It is spread by mosquitos so even dogs who are primarily indoor pets are at risk. Cats also need to be on a heartworm preventative here in South Florida. You can read more at the American Heartworm Society’s website:

Care to compare heartworm preventatives? 

Another request Dr Sutton will have of you is to provide a poop sample at least yearly for your South Florida pet.  (She may let you get away with declining it if you have an indoor only pet.)   You can read about the current recommendations by the Companion Animal Parasite Council at:

WHY DOES MY CAT DO THAT?!?!? Check out the Feline Behavioral Guidelines put out by the American Association of Feline Practitioners and Hills.

WHICH FLEA MEDICATION SHOULD I USE?  THERE ARE SO MANY! Here is a nifty page that will help you compare them.  Dr Sutton was in practice BEFORE any of them came on the market and is tickled with the many options available these days. She is particularly fond of Advantage Multi for cats here in the tropics.  A dog’s lifestyle guides the best choice. For flea control products Tequesta Vet carries Activyl (a topical product) and Comfortis (a pill). We carry Advantage Multi Feline for fleas, heartworm and intestinal deworming.  Perhaps our favorite dog monthly medication is TRIFEXIS which contains Comfortis (for fleas) and milbemycin (aka Interceptor, for heartworm and intestinal parasites) all in one pill.  We also carry the generic of Heartgard. Our goal is to treat for internal parasites, kill fleas, and prevent heartworm. She can help you decide which product(s) may be best for your pet.

Is your INDOOR cat or dog bored? The Ohio State University has the “Indoor Pet Initiative” to help keep their indoor pet well balanced emotionally. Check it out:

Chronic kidney failure is common in geriatric cats. The following is a good website:

Have an asthmatic kitty? There is a great website on feline asthma:

Inappropriate feline elimination problems? In addition to the information found at the above websites, you might want to read this article: